What Our Research Screamed

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 12.12.05 PMWe finally got to conduct our first zero litter research project with EarthTeam . My group chose to find out if the litter on campus was things bought from the school’s cafe or food that’s coming from outside the campus. I was so sure that at least 80% of the litter was from the school’s cafe but I came to find out that that is not quite true. More than half the litter on SLZ is brought from outside sources. This saddened me because only upper class men (juniors and seniors) can go off campus to buy lunch.
My class is a part of the litter problem on Slz. I can’t wait to start figuring out how to solve this so we as upper classmen can be role models to the under class men. We are supposed to be the mature ones of the school but yet throw our sandwich wrappers on the grass. I have hope that this can change though. The hard part is, how. How do we tell our fellow peers that littering is horrible without being/sounding like robo cops.
Referring back to my ap lit class: Ethos (credibility) Pathos (emotions) Logos (logic, statistics). I believe if we use ethos, to state the problem on our campus, we will definitely be taken seriously, because it’s like “HEY WE ARE INTERNS WITH EARTH TEAM, EXPERTS ON LITTER, TRUST US”. And we can really utilize Logos. Our research gave us numbers, scary ones.
I’m really excited to bring this issue to light. I think Earth Team will have a huge impact on our campus. We will solve this litter problem!!! It is a process but I can’t wait to see the results.
-Bertha Arvizo
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