Creek Fun

Last Saturday we went to Bay Trees in Castro Valley to help with restoration. My group and I planted a lovely native Toyon plant. Since there was no way to create an irrigation system, we placed dry water on the sides of the plant which is just water with cellulose. This product helps the plants get through dry weather. While touring some of the park we came across the creek which made me a bit disappointed. The creek itself was beautiful! But, there was so much graffiti and empty spray paint cans that were just contaminating the water. Some of my fellow classmates and I went under a minuscule hole in a fence, crossed a path of several rocks and picked all the cans and litter pieces we could find! We observed the designs and shapes of the concrete creek in Bay Trees. It was very interesting how some parts of the creek were shaped like a funnel, and had smooth concrete. Meanwhile others had trees and rocks. We realized that the design of the creeks really determine how fast the water flowed. Overall this was a great experience and I would definitely do it all over again! -Carissa Cerna


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