Data for Data

This previous Sunday, I wanted to see what kind of trash lives around my neighborhood. I walked past several houses and found that the majority of the litter happens to be papers and cigarettes. I noticed that these crumbled papers and cigarette butts liked to be thrown on the side of the sidewalk where the sewers are. It’s quite clean on the sidewalks because no one wants litter in front of their house.
Funny story, a lady stopped me while I was walking because she thought I threw a pregnancy test outside her house. (Oops!) But yeah, stop a litterbug if you see one! (But not me though; I’m innocent!). Overall, finding this new hobby to collect data everywhere I go helps me develop a sense of awareness of the kind of litter in different places. I’m willing to use my cellular data to collect data. Data for data!
-Trinh Nguyen
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