Social Action: Targeting Businesses

Working with Earth Team, its been our job as interns to analyze causes of litter on campus, educate others on the effects of litter, and try to make a positive change toward a cleaner campus.  After noticing that much of our litter collection came from soft plastic straw wrappers, I was reminded of the relatively recent plastic bag ban in Alameda County and how successful its efforts have been in changing people’s lifestyles and getting us to reuse and reduce waste.  This is our chance to get others involved in a movement against non-recyclable plastics.

Using, a public petition website, my peers and I created a proposition to alter the packaging of our school beverage provider’s packaging to eliminate straws and straw wrappers and thus, reducing the amount of litter on campus.  After I planted the idea seedling, we began by drafting the petition and with the help of our supervisor, Madeline, made it live and have started to advertise the cause.

My personal goal for this project is to get the support of our principal and school district to boycott the juice company and buy from an alternative, sustainable, company until they decide to change their packaging.  It would also be great to push legislation for a county-wide straw wrapper ban, but this petition and the awareness it brings about sustainable consumption of goods on a large scale is a wonderful start.

The petition can be found at

-Raquel Crites

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