Interns of the Month: Trinh and Nhi!

I’m happy to have been recognized as intern of the month with Nhi. Being part of Zero Litter has offered me a new perspective on the environment. Every little thing we do accumulates and has a negative impact on our environment, which will eventually affect us. I’m also a lot more aware of my surroundings. It feels wrong to just leave something on the ground now! Whether it be a candy wrapper or a small piece of paper. I’m not a litterbug before, but I do admit that I occasionally litter small things. But now, I just hold on to all my trash until I find a trash can. I’m glad Zero Litter has changed me for the better. I hope it changed the rest of our interns too.


Earth Team is a wonderful internship! We all can work together to help our environment. Since I got accepted in this internship, I started to notice my surroundings more than before like there are a lot of cigarettes near to my area, a lot of trash near to the train track, and a lot of pieces of paper or the candy wrappers on the street. I like how my supervisor, make a prize for us if our collecting data has more than the other group’s data. It likes the motivation for us to try harder. I still remember there was a week that I really love to collect my data and I improved more than 400 pictures of litters. It’s not about we won the prize but I just found out that there are a lot if litters in our environment and I want to change it like the name “Zerolitter” we made for our group. Being part of the Zero Litter internship is my happiness and my luck because I was having a great time with these people and I became more responsibilities on what I do. We do everything together and we learn from each other. I believe that with this wonderful group, we can improve our environment one day.



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