Operation – Bring Your Own Dish

After completing litter assessments on and off of the San Lorenzo High campus, interns came up with two huge projects: Getting reusable water canteens for their peers and bringing reusable containers to use when purchasing food at businesses across the street.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.39.02 PM

“In a small group, students decided to target a specific litter source and combat that source. after observing the litter on campus and concluding that outside food packaging was a serious contributor to the litter on campus (that can easily be turned into marine debris after a heavy storm.)

With this information, we decided to launch a campaign to change the “disposable” culture of our school and use advertising and positive peer pressure to convince our student body to use re-usable takeout containers. We have had to plan collaboratively how to reach the student population and alter their mind-sets. Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.38.41 PM

So far, we have created advertising and practiced using our own takeout containers to lead by example! One thing we could add to the project is perhaps a survey (pre/post) that demonstrated our success rate as far as mindset.

In Semester 2 I am looking forward to doing more field outings with EarthTeam and continuing the projects. For new interns I would advise that they enter with an open mind and free spirit.” – Raquel C.

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