Oyster Bay Reflections

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Field outings have been an important part of the internship ever since I joined EarthTeam. They are usually fun and helps everyone work together. The more people join the event the more fun it is. One of my favorite events of the year was the Oyster Bay field outing. this was fun for may reasons.

We went to Oyster Bay to learn more about the history of the area and to restore the place. We learned about how invasive plants take nutrients away from native plants and we got rid of 2 invasive species – french broom and fennel. We used tools such as the polaski, where we trimmed the fennel, hoe heads to pull out invasive plants and pullers to remove the french broom. It was hard work but that made it more rewarding. It also helped that the view was nice. There weren’t a lot of people there but everyone that went worked hard and had fun.

It was fun learning about plants. The best part of the event was eating burritos. We had tortillas, beans, cheese, sour cream, and lettuce. The burritos were really good and warm. They were not the best burritos but I rate them 8/10.

Some advice I would give to the next interns going to Oyster Bay would be to wear comfortable clothing. be prepared to do anything from trimming branches to removing debris. Newcomers should also be sure to go to field events! They are fun, chill vibes, god food, and you get to work to change the environment which makes you and your group feel good.

Overall the day at Oyster Bay was chill and a we got lot of work done. It made me feel good to think we made a positive change in the environment. The exciting parts were when my friends and I went on a hike and got a little lost. It was exciting and the food was great. In the end the best part of this event was seeing an oak. tree growing where we cleared invasive plants and knowing we helped it grow.

This post was written by Russell F. and Adan M.


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