Campus Cleanup Successes

On February 2nd, 2016, San Lorenzo high interns prepared for their first Campus Cleanup Event. After much practice, we went out together to host our event. After a great cleanup, interns led participants in a reflection to discuss how they can do more cleanups in the future and how they can increase participant numbers for future events. Interns got some great practice leading their own event. They are already looking forward to their San Leandro Marina Cleanup on February 20th!

“Today we cleaned up the San Lorenzo High School native garden. We had a couple of volunteers helping us. Everyone had a role today which made the process faster. Me and my group did a good job finding trash in hard to find places. This campus cleanup applys to the Marina Cleanup because it gave us an idea of what kind of trash we are looking for. Overall today was a great day helping the environment and making our campus cleaner.” – Lambardo M.

“My highlight of the event was to take the pictures of everyone’s hard work. I will apply this to make it more fun and to take better pictures for the San Leandro Marina Event.” – Russell J.

“Today I helped clean by looking for pieces of trash. No matter how big or small the piece of trash it made a difference. I enjoyed spending time with my fellow alumni and helping out. I’ll try to wear a belt on Feb 20th so my pants don’t fall and I can pick up more trash.” – Francisco C. (Volunteer at the Event)

“Today we cleaned up trash with a few volunteers. I learned that there are people that are interested in these events and we should spread the word more so that next time more people will show up. Also, next time we should check the weather so it’s not so cold when we go out.” – Adan M.

“I believe that this day went well, but still some things could have gone better. I was part of the team who was in charge of supplies. Our job was to hand out supplies and create groups out of the volunteers who attended. My team and I could have done a better job in with our task. There was some confusion and Christina had to come in and help up. But about everything else I believe that everything went well.” – Juan G.

“Today went well today. We divided into two groups and I was part of the silver team. My job was to record and tally down all the trash that was around. A highlight was being able to clean up a lot of trash from our school garden. I’ll take what I learned at our campus cleanup and apply it to our event on February 20th by trying to convince friends to join us. I’ll also take our great teamwork and apply it to February 20th because working together is important when your doing something like this.” – Fernanda R.

“The campus cleanup (of San Lorenzo High) was held February 2nd. My role was media along with my team Russell and Angelo. One highlight was guessing the weight of bags and trash we had. I feel many people had fun guessing and were happy when they guessed correctly. I will not be attending the Marina Cleanup due to SAT Academy at UC Berkeley but for the next cleanup I will do many things. I will first invite my friends in a more convincing manner and tell them why helping the environment is so crucial. Next I will attend the event and try to pick up trash at a speedier rate, taking the event more seriously. Finally I will stay more focused on debriefs and – just like today – think of improvements.” – Jessica K.

“My role in the campus cleanup was taking pictures. I was part of the media team with Russell and Jessica. I highlight was getting the tablets because then I could take better pictures for instagram. I will know how to use Instagram better and will invite more people to our next cleanup.” – Angelo H.

“My role in the campus cleanup was Data Team – we used the litter collection sheet to calculate the percentage amounts of plastics collected. We then had the group guess the percentages of plastic, paper, metal, and other materials. The debrief was to bring everyone back together after our event and put everything into perspective. Our goals were to help volunteers realize the reciprocation of their actions on the environment so they can hopefully be conscious of the effects on the environment next time they think of, or see someone littering. A highlight of today was having volunteers come out and realize the tremendously positive impact of simply picking up litter.” – Naliyah M.

“In the native plant garden cleanup my role as an EarthTeam member was to bring people to the activity and get them to participate in the event. So I asked some of my friends to come. My highlight was that the people I asked came to the event. Because of that I realized that they were willing to help.” – Daniel P.

“In today’s campus cleanup, my role was to help calculate the percentage of different materials collected and put that into a visual aid (pie chart) for all the participants to see. Many were not surprised to see that plastic made up about 50% of all the trash. We discussed why picking up the litter is important and how, if not cleaned, would end up in the watershed. I will add this to my knowledge of litter and the watershed.” – Raquel C.

“My role in the campus cleanup was to introduce everyone and give safety tips. I wasnt’ very successful because I came in late though. Those who replaced me did great. The highlight was probably the pictures because they came out really great. I will try to show up on time to the Marina Cleanup and try to help others out with my experience.” – Tyler G.

Come Join us at our community cleanup at San Leandro Marina, February 20th from 10AM – 1PM. RSVP at:

Hope to see you there!

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