San Leandro Marina Cleanup Reflection

On Saturday, February 20th, San Lorenzo interns gathered to host their San Leandro Marina Cleanup. With 27 volunteers, interns successfully removed 1,862 pieces of marine debris, cleanup up 12.84 pounds of recycling and 12.24 pounds of landfill items. Check out some of their reflections from that day:

“We had a lot of participants and we cleaned up many areas of the marina. Me and my team work pretty well after the cleanup my team had 4 full buckets of trash, which made this event very successful. We didn’t have many challenges. One highlight was I contributed to keeping the team on task.” – Lambardo M.

“We cleaned up around 25 pounds of trash. Everyone really showed interest and cared about what we were doing. When we came across any challenges we just did what we believe was right and just kinda rolled with it. The highlight was just being there and enjoying the marina.” – Daniel P.

“The San Leandro Marina cleanup went well. We picked up a lot of trash we had a lot of volunteers that day. Everyone worked together. We used teamwork and communication to get the job done. We did not have any challenges. A highlight was eating cheese and playing with ladybugs.” – Angelo H.

“The San Leandro marina cleanup went great. I had a lot of fun and met new people. We got a lot of other people to come to our event and had many people from different schools. Some challenges that we faced were lack of talking from participants. Next time we need an activity that we can do to get others to talk more.” – Edwin P.

“Reflections are something we can use to improve ourselves and make our mission clearer. Making the event entertaining for the volunteers is a priority. The cleanup was a large success. I think my favorite parts were finding a mix tape, christmas trees, and ladybugs.” – Tyler G.

“Reflection helps push is forward by showing up what we did wrong, what we did well, and how to improve. How I personally contributed to the whole group reflection was by talking about my ideas of what we can improve from the event and how our critics affected our performance. I think our performance was alright, but could be improved. I worked good with the teams. The food was a highlight. I love food.” – Russell F.

“I think the cleanup was very successful because we had many people and we picked up lots of trash! I helped my team take pictures and when it was Tyler’s turn to take pictures, I helped him. My highlight was the Aussie Bite.” Jessica K.

“Reflection helps push our work forward because we taking in consideration all the feedback we receive and it makes us fix our mistakes and better our next project. Some main takeaways for me today were that prep is very important for everything. I think that the San Leandro Marina Cleanup went pretty well. I think we could of been a bit more prepared we weren’t completely ready. Me and my team members worked very well, we clicked and now we love each other. Some challenges we faced or I faced were that I wasn’t completely sure what to say” – Carissa C.



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