Launching Ghost Creek

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San Lorenzo High EarthTeam’s Ghost Creek Project was inspired by the San Francisco Ghost Arroyos project. The goal is to bring back the creek that once was there by putting an art installation to represent flowing water in our now urban setting. It is both a physical art installation as well as a spoken engagement piece for passersby.

San Lorenzo decided to play with this idea in their internship. Armed with watershed maps, chalk, their knowledge of the creeks, and their imagination, interns have made two art installations along San Lorenzo Creek and engaged with pedestrians about the significance of ghost creeks.

My thoughts on ghost creek is great and how where able to do things and the knowledge it will bring to everyone and the community and Im really excited for the art. – Jamila M.

“Our Ghost Creek event was an attempt by EarthTeam to bring awareness to the San Lorenzo Creek and it’s beauty. We drew pictures of the creek on the sidewalk that was covering the actual creek. As time went by I noticed many cars driving by and appreciating the work that we were doing. Many slowed down to an almost complete stop to observe the art. Although I didn’t contribute a whole lot of creativity to the project, I had fun and this event made me appreciate our creek that much more.” – Tyler G.

“This will be a good way to inform the public about the ecosystem right under their feet with beautiful, local, art.” – Raquel C.

We will be out and about in Hayward for our next art installations. Stay tuned for more details!

If you would like to join in our efforts to raise creek awareness, contact our Campus Coordinator: for ways to get involved!

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