Earth Day at Root Park


Root Park is a small plot of land located in downtown San Leandro. You can easily miss it if you aren’t looking. A staircase exists right at the edge of the park, between E 14th Street and Dan Niemi Way that takes you straight to San Leandro Creek.

This unique space is used by the community as a green space to visit, by teachers as a space to take their classes, and on Saturday April 9th it because a vibrant celebration space for Earth Day. Organizations from all over San Leandro came together to support in a morning cleanup and cleanup, complete with performances, workshops on sustainability, and tabling demonstrations from organizations that set up information tables.

The morning began with a creek cleanup. Our group got our boots and headed into the creek. Not long after getting into the water we discovered litter. We started removing litter, from small plastics to wood debris and even finding an abandoned grill! As we walked through the creek, we could see houses with fences right on the creek bank.

After our cleanup, we set up for tabling and our Ghost Creek Demonstration. Our goal was to raise awareness about San Leandro Creek and share our work highlights from the internship so far. Half of the interns ran the Ghost Creek Demonstration and the other half ran the information table. Interns took shifts to support one another and to check out some of the other organizations present.

It was a great experience to get out to the community to share our work and learn from others about their work. We still have so much more to do before the year is out! Stay tuned for more updates.



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