Interns attend this year’s Brower Youth Awards!

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 8.47.25 AM.png

This past week interns had the opportunity to attend the Brower Youth Awards. The Brower Youth Awards recognizes the work of six young leaders who are making strides in the environmental movement. It was a day full of inspiration and empowerment, not only to see so many good things happening around the world, but the realization that our interns have everything they need to be in the running for this big award next year!

Check out what some of our students had to say about the day..

HEAD– What made you think?

“There are other communities and groups of people who are all affected economically and financially ” – Raeanna

“It takes one person to form a vision, but it takes a team to make it happen” – Kristine

HEART- What made you feel?

“Not everything can be achieved alone, you need support and a positive mindset to do so.” – Vanessa

FEET-What are you going to take away?

Teamwork is the ability to work together for a common goal” -Adan Montes

“Do not walk long distances in Converse” – Tony

“Anyone can become an activist it only takes dedication and the motivation to make a change.” – Edwin


Thank you for reading! Keep an eye out for next weeks blog! 



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