Interns add vegetation to Oyster’s Bay new Disc Golf Course!

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 5.12.03 PM.png

This past week, San Lorenzo Interns partnered up with the East Bay Regional Parks to lend a hand in native tree planting in the developing recreational area. Working with fellow interns from Alameda and Skyline High School, collectively, 18 trees were planting to add obstacle, aesthetics, and more to the up and coming disc golf course.


Oyster Bay used to be a major landfill, and has since been covered with an average of six feet of ground cover and handed over to the East Bay Regional Parks for restoration. Restoring a landfill is not the easiest task, but by planting a variety of natives the land can be wild once again!

Interns began the day with tool introductions and a step by step walk thru of how to plant the trees from Pamela Bietz, Resource Analysts for East Bay Regional Parks. From digging bars to nitrogen fixers, mulching to root rot interns learned a whole lot about tree planting! I think it is safe to say the biggest learning lesson of the day is to never underestimate the work that goes into 15-gallon tree planting.

Here is what some of our interns had to say!

“My favorite part of the weekend event was the relief of finishing up my first tree. The tree was super big and difficult but we got it done.” –Tony 

“My favorite part of was getting into a team and working together. Something I did not expect was the tree planting to be so difficult. Overall, I had a lot of fun and can’t wait to do it again.” –Kristine 

“My favorite part was using our strengths as a team to make an impact. One thing I was not expecting was my competitiveness.” –Raeanna

Keep a look out as we wrap up our first semester with a visit to Altamont Landfill!




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