Interns give a lesson in Sustainability!


On January 24th, interns were invited to pilot their City Danger educational board game and present their 8 tips to be more sustainable. At first, the interns were allocated 30 min, but after Ms.Borajas witnessed how interactive and educational our board game was, she asked if we could extend for the whole period!

The day began with an awesome presentation from our SLZ interns educating their peers on 8 easy tips to be more sustainable in your daily life. The list included; using a reusable water bottle, bringing your own meals, turning the lights off/unplugging, walk n’ roll, supporting local, turning off the water, sorting your trash, and finally, thrift shopping!


Next was putting our City Danger, city sustainability educational board game to the test. Three games were rolling (literally) at once, with interns leading the groups and helping explain rules. The game encompasses all the complexities of city sustainability:

Resource Cards = Funding for Infrastructure 

Resources Pieces = Infrastructure on the Cities 

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 5.56.03 PM.png

Chance Cards: Random Events


Dice Rolls = Environmental Conditions 

The game went smoothly, and we received great feedback from students. Overall, majority of students said that the game helped them better understand the importance of being prepared. Also, the game helped students better understand the multitude of positive effects that trees, rain tanks, and bikes can have on a city.

Keep an eye out as we prepare for our next project, conducting Tree Inventory for the Alameda Public Works Agency!



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