Interns take another visit to Oyster Bay!

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On Saturday Feb, 4, 2017 our team went to Oyster bay, a park that used to be a landfill.  We were not the only school there but Alameda Earth Team was also there to help.  Pamela Bietz a Resource analyst for the East Bay Regional Park District( EBRPD) was there explaining to us our tasks for the day.  

There were lots of trees planted from last time we came, since it is still winter there was a lot of wind and rain that had pushed the the trees in an awkward position.  It was our mission to place them straight with a pole attached with tire rubber around it so it won’t happen again.

While one group did this there was another group taking out shrubs and unwanted weeds to make room for other trees. The weather was perfect, even though we were working hard we had fun. It was a great day just to go out and help mother nature.

Written By: Edwin, SLZ Intern

– – – – –

Most of the interns and San Lorenzo were already familiar with Oyster Bay since we frequently help out at the park, this made the event funner and  easier since we all knew Pam and were more familiar with the equipment and how we were supposed to do things.

It’s always fun working with new people and the interns at Alameda High were very enthusiastic and helpful. With everyone working together it was easy and we made a smooth transition from helping the existing trees to planting new ones.

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One of my favorite parts of the event was just looking at the view when we got there. It was early in the morning and it was quiet and peaceful and it was just a relaxing atmosphere which helped me realize that I was helping the environment and helping persevere the view that I was enjoying for others in the community to enjoy as well.



Overall this event was a great experience for both our new and experienced interns since we got to know each other and meet other High schoolers, all while making a difference in our community.

Written By: Adan, SLZ Intern 





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