Interns learn why transforming your lawn is a GREAT water saving strategy!

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On March 21st, our meeting was all about drought and how transforming a lawn is a great water conservation strategy.

During the meeting, we first talked about how significant drought can be to people, the environment, and the economy locally and globally through group discussions, which were divided evenly to explore the damages that the drought can do. We also talked about how people contribute to the drought by taking the water for granted and using it excessively.

We used an interactive web tool to find how much our household year average water consumption was. The numbers were large which was surprising to me since the members of the Earth Team do their best to conserve water in their households. After the discussion on the water consumption of an average American household, we touched upon ways on how we can limit it, which the members answered eagerly. Some of the examples are using cold bath water to water the plants, taking shorter baths, transforming your lawn, and many more.

While we were discussing how to limit water consumption, Jenna shed more light on what lawn transformations are and how it can effectively decrease water consumption. She talked about how much water is used statistically in an average American family, and how transforming your lawn can drastically decrease water consumption. After the presentation, we reflected about the information that we have learned.

My favorite part of the day was doing the warm ups, because it is fun and refreshing after a long day of hard work in our school. I am mentally engaged and eager to learn more about water conservation issues because this environmental issue can’t be looked over as a small one. Someday in the future, this issue will bite harder than the last drought we have experienced recently. I am looking forward to gaining more knowledge about the environment around us and share it with people through small talks.

My biggest take away from the meeting is “to get something is to give back something in return.” If we take away too much, then the Earth can’t sustain life anymore and future generations will have to deal with this. This is the only blue planet that life can support so far, that’s why we can’t mess it up and destroy it for our own means. We, the people, need to give back to the Earth for many reasons just like the last two sentences above this, and we are the only ones that can do this. Step up and let our voices be heard! Make a difference in the world! The change starts with you!

Written By: Glenn, SLZ Intern 

During the meeting on March 21, 2017 the San Lorenzo High School’s Earth Team concentrated on the problems of a drought. The purpose to this discussion was to educate us on what we can do to help prevent and decrease drought harm.

Our team has an upcoming lawn transformation project which is relevant to drought because a lawn transformation can help conserve water by decreasing the amount of water needed for the lawn. One of the main activities accomplished in this meeting was the water usage web player. This individual activity helped uss identify the amount of water we use annually in our homes. Causing us to engage to aim for less usage of water in our households.

We also participated in an activity that involved getting into groups and collaborating our ideas on the effects that drought has socially, environmentally and economically on our daily life. My favorite part of the day ultimately was discussing with my group the effects of a drought because I never knew a drought caused a majority of problems that humans face on a daily basis. This meeting convinced me that changing a small habit of excessively overusing water can lead to a huge change in the environment.

Overall, I enjoyed every single part of the meeting, as always because I learn something new every time. Something I am definitely taking from this meeting is to spread the word about helpful ways to better the environment and to be more aware of the water usage around me.

Written By: Kristine, SLZ Intern

Thanks for reading! If you are interested in learning more about our upcoming project (Saturday, April 15th) email Jenna at



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