Interns transform 5,000 sq. ft of thirsty lawn into a lively, water-saving garden!


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*Student Blog*

At Hayward City Hall we engaged 85+ community members in a lawn transformation to teach people methods of conserving water through a garden installation with over 200 water wise, Bay-Friendly plants. Throughout the day we transformed an entire 5,000 sq ft of lawn which will save up to 25,000 gallons of water a year.

We believe lawn transformation demonstrations are an effective way to spread water conservation strategies because it shows people the skills they need to continue this process in their own backyard.

Some challenges we faced were presenting demo’s that we ourselves had never done, and staying focused throughout the whole 6hrs of the transformation. The lawn transformation was an amazing opportunity for the interns to hone our public speaking, tree planting, and teamwork skills.

Our team did well at research and knowing the information before we went to the event. We also had strong dedication/willpower. The dirt was a huge challenge and thanks to pickaxes and teamwork we got through it. It was hard to settle on a specific technique at first but through trial and error we figured out what worked best. Because the dirt was so hard we got tired and the event ended a lot later than we expected, but we still worked as hard as we could.

Our favorite parts of the day included managing people, talking to people, using pickaxes, and playing games with other members of our community. Socializing with strangers was a great break in between the hard work we did. It felt refreshing to talk to people we didn’t see often or at all. It was comforting to think about their perspective and how nervous it was for them to come to our event, socializing helped us get rid of the tension.

Our biggest takeaway was knowing how much water we will be saving and seeing the direct impact we made when we see side by side photos of before and after the transformation. It was surprising to see a councilman also work with us hands on in the dirt too. But the best part was knowing we did it all on our own. We did the research, graphics, Facebook page, brochures, and lead all the demonstrations.

Ain’t no power like the power of the youth because the power of the youth ain’t stop.

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Thanks for reading! If you are interested in learning more about how to transform your lawn please contact Jenna at



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