Interns conduct Tree Inventory for the Alameda Public Works Agency!



For the past few weeks we have been working with Alameda County Public Works Agency to conduct Tree Inventory of San Lorenzo. Often times people will cut down trees on their own lawns not knowing they can be fined for it. By conducting the tree inventory we are able to give the county a better idea of and keep track of the tree species that inhabit the city of San Lorenzo while also informing residents of the regulations and classifications of their trees.

To prepare for our tree inventory we created tree identification binders and made ourselves familiar with the tree inventory app, Open Tree Map, created by Alameda County Public Works Agency. Each one of us was given a tree commonly found in San Lorenzo to do research on, draw the leaf then categorize it under the different tree. While we were out in the field we used the tree identification binder to classify each tree and enter it into the app to keep track of it. Each person was given a task; tree measurer, tree identifier/safety, and app operator. Once we identified the tree and count the diameter in inches the app operator entered it into the description and took a picture of the tree, as well as logged its location.


The way that we did our work is by creating groups of three with their members having their own roles, which were mentioned above. After the groups are formed, these groups get to pick the routes for each zones in order to avoid collision of groups and ensure all trees in the right of way (8-10 ft off the curb) are recorded.

Going through the zones and collecting data’s of trees are grueling, but it is fun nonetheless. I get to see how some people in my group react to the environment and events happening around us, like the time when we encountered kids in the neighborhood who took interest with what we did. I had fun supervising my group because of their constant squabbles, which is funny to say the least. Another thing that I enjoyed a lot is my interactions with people in the neighborhood. Some are really nice, which gave me more energy to go do my work efficiently. Other than that, it is all a good experience for me.

 Written By: Glenn & Naliyah, SLZ Interns

Thanks for reading! 



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