SLZ Interns hit the street for their first day of inventory!

IMG_0482 (1)
At the end of September, interns went into action conducting their first of many tree inventories in the unincorporated Alameda County area in a project for the Alameda County Public Works Agency.

Why inventory our trees?  Tree inventory is important because it helps cities gather information about their urban forest. Conducting an inventory helps cities know what species are where, how many of them are there, their size, and so on. This data can be beneficial to create tree-maps or even target areas that need more diversity or maintenance. It can also be used to calculate the environmental benefits of our urban forests. Tree inventory is usually done through the city, often by hiring an arborist or consultant – but for San Lorenzo, interns are stepping up to the challenge! 

Interns geared up and worked in teams of 3-4 on specified routes in San Lorenzo. Each team had safety vests, diameter tapes, tree ID binders, and iPads. For each tree, they recorded the trunk’s diameter, species, GPS location, and took a picture. All data was put into an app on the iPad called Open Tree Map.

Even though the interns were challenged by tree ID and navigating the app, they did a great job with their first inventory day, logging just over 100 trees! They are looking forward to many more days out in the field.

Thanks for reading! 



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