San Lorenzo Earth Team

Interns attend Brower Awards


In mid October, San Lorenzo High interns joined Oakland Tech and Antioch High at the Brower Awards ceremony in San Francisco. This annual event highlights the work of youth around the country who have achieved many great things while working on a variety of environmental projects. Our interns listened to the winners give speeches and were inspired by many of the projects. Here is what one student had to say about the event:

I really like the girl who started the program of below 2 c°. That one stood out the most because of its ability to easily implement in school. I also love how she was able to influence the other schools around here and the student there. All of the awarded individuals made me feel empowered to make a change but this one made me want to apply her idea in my school. I Also really enjoyed the presentation of the group that took part in stopping projects that harm the environment. I know my fellow interns felt inspired because I could hear them cheering the loudest.

  • Charlie Pereda, SLZ Earth Team intern

The fun night out reinvigorated the interns and brought about an increased sense of purpose in the fight against climate change. Another cool point is that many of the winning projects were very similar to projects Earth Team has worked on and we hope one day our interns can apply for this award as well!