San Lorenzo Earth Team

Earth Team Interns Lead a Hike!


Unsurprisingly, our Earth Team interns love to get outside and enjoy nature! Read below to learn more.


On Saturday morning in December, I led a hike with my sister Aubury and our [hiking] club adviser Ms. Krist.

It took place on the northeast side of Lake Chabot, in the surrounding hills. The weather was perfect, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds and there was a nice breeze to keep us cool. About 10 people came on the hike, including myself, Aubury, and Tony, from Earth team, as well as 5 dogs.

I have always loved the outdoors; hiking, camping, climbing trees, and a lot of people that I know who go to my school don’t really have much access to these things so I helped create the hiking club to get more exposure to people. This was also to share my love of the environment and wilderness and hopefully get more people interested this field, especially at this time it’s incredibly important to have people who care about the environment and want to protect and preserve it. That’s the reason I got involved with Earth Team, I wanted to get more hands on experience. I’ve only been in it for a few months, however I have learned a lot in that short time through tree inventory, mostly about all the different trees in our area and how they’re beneficial.  It was cool to look up during the hike and be able to recognize what trees were there, there were lots of oak and bay trees as well as madrone trees that made nice archways over the path.

-Joleen Freed, San Lorenzo High Intern