Preparing to Speak at the YES Conference


After a refreshing winter break, the San Lorenzo Earth Team interns reconvened and got straight to work to prepare for their next big event: the YES (Youth for the Environment and Sustainability) Conference! The YES Spare the Air Conference is an annual event held in the Bay Area each year. The purpose of this conference is to bring together youth from across the bay to discuss issues of sustainability, transportation, and air quality in their local communities. Our team will be presenting on their tree inventory project in relation to climate change concerns, even including an interactive activity for the audience to participate in.

To begin preparing for the event, we broke the presentation down into three parts/groups and started brainstorming ideas. The three groups are as follows: video production, PowerPoint presentation, and an interactive activity. After brainstorming ideas, we watched a short video on how to give interesting and effective presentations. Finally, we ended with a fun activity that helps practice public speaking skills. Each intern had to get up and talk about any topic they wished for 2 minutes while trying not to use the “forbidden words”: yeah, like, um, and you know. We kept a tally of how many times each of these words was said. “Like” and “um” were by far the most used forbidden words (no surprise there!). The team will continue practicing public speaking skills in the weeks to come.

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