San Lorenzo Earth Team

More Oyster Bay Restoration

Pamela Beitz (EBRPD) showing the interns how to clear a planting site.

Did you know Monarch butterflies are currently residing at Oyster Bay? San Lorenzo High interns got to see these beauties first hand this past weekend while engaging in more restoration work here at Oyster Bay. The butterflies were clustering in some pine trees, waiting for the day to warm up so they could go exploring for food and avoiding any photo opps.

After checking out the butterflies in the morning, the interns continued their work from last time: planting native flowering plants that can provide food for the butterflies. In just a short time, the team planted 2 monkey flowers, 4 blueblossums, 1 gumplant, and 8 goldenrods. After putting these plants in the ground, the group then pulled up broom and pampas grass seedlings (both invasive species). Some spots were challenging to dig in due to the large amount of rocks in the ground, but as it was their 3rd time out at Oyster Bay, the interns were able to work efficiently and with confidence.

The group ended the day with a discussion on plans for the future and how to get community members involved. Stay tuned for more information regarding an upcoming community event and a way to get active at Oyster Bay!

Interns digging a hole for their plant.